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Nothing is more revealing than movement

- Martha Graham

Prof. Alon Kalron

Head of the Movement and Brain
Interaction Research Lab


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About Our Work

Located in the Tel-Aviv district, we explore new (and traditional) physical rehabilitation treatments that affect the brain and improve mobility functions (walking and balance). Additionally, physical activity is a significant interest of the lab, as we believe that it has a huge impact on brain function especially for people suffering from damage in the CNS. Our main interest is people suffering from multiple sclerosis (MS), however, we investigate other population groups, as ALS and stroke. We hope that this line of research will add new insights into the neural mechanisms of physical rehabilitation and open new frontiers for the treatment of people with central neurological damage.

Prof. Kalron's work involves creating and testing new rehabilitation treatments that promote brain plasticity and restore lost mobility functions. He challenges conventional thinking by combining new technologies as Virtual Reality (VR) while tracking the impact via advanced motion sensors in/outside the laboratory environment focusing on real-life situations.

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