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The Movement and Brain Interaction Research Laboratory was founded in 2015 by Dr. Alon Kalron, our interdisciplinary team focuses on neurorehabilitation especially in people with multiple sclerosis. 

Meet The Team


Lior Frid

Lab manager 


Sapir Dreyer Alster

MD student (final year)

and data scientist


Hani Baransi

Technical manager

Areas of Expertise

Current Students



Yasmin Alt


Yael Yarden


Adi Einav


Ayelet Iron

Investigating physical activity and sleep behavior in people with MS

Exploring the relationship between physical activity and depressive symptoms in women with fibromyalgia 

Exploring neural correlates of stroboscopic training in young healthy adults: a MRI study

Investigating the cytokine response following eccentric training in people with multiple sclerosis

areen omar.jpeg

Areen Omar


Shaked Sadot


Dafna Dasoli

תמונת פרופיל צפנת.jpeg

Zafnat Sharvit

 Reproducibility and validity of the Blazepod system as a measurement tool for dynamic balance in elders 

Manual dexterity and motor imagery in people with multiple sclerosis: A functional near-infrared spectroscopy study

Psychometric properties of patient reported questionnaires assessing dual-task difficulties in daily life in persons with MS

Comparing formats of physical therapy triage: telehealth vs. face-to-face


Rotem Lavi

Neurocorrelates of weight shifting and motor imagery in stroke survivors


מיקה בן דוד באוך.png

Mika Ben David Bauch


Yossi Bugannim

Effects of motor imagery practice on balance and sensorimotor properties of the affected lower limb in individuals post CVA

Behavioral functioning during multitasking in normal hearing:
Walking while perceiving speech in noisy background

Lab Alumni

Click to see published work

Jenny Grinberg

Characterization of tandem walking in minimally impaired multiple sclerosis.

Sharon Dali

Effectiveness of surgery on mobility characteristics in patients with intermittent claudication caused by lumbar spinal stenosis.

Yafit Cohen Shwartz

Gait and balance in people with benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV)

Nov Shalmoni

The immediate effect of stereoscopic visual training on cognitive function, gait and balance in people with multiple sclerosis.

Heba Tawil

Efficacy of a tele-rehabilitation program on mobility in patients following hip surgery: a pilot randomized controlled study.

Lee Odles

Mobility characteristics in patients with intermittent claudication caused by lumbar spinal stenosis.

Nurit Krayn-Deckel

Cognitive status is associated with performance of manual wheelchair skills in hospitalized older adults

Rotem Soll

The relationship between bladder dysfunction, mobility, postural control, falls and fear of falling in women with multiple sclerosis.

Billal Sirhan

The dual-task cost of walking and texting in peole with multiple sclerosis

Shani Berkowitz

The acute effects of moderate and vigorous aerobic exercise on cytokine inflammatory markers in women with multiple sclerosis

Itai Har-Nir

Energy expenditure and perceived effort during uphill and downhill walking in people with multiple sclerosis

Temima Greenberg

Reproducibility and convergent validity of the Sitting-Rising test in people with multiple sclerosis

Ofir Malachi

Cognitive-motor interference in multiple sclerosis: what happens when the gait speed is fixed?

Leora Hershkowitz

Instrumented Sit-To-Stand and Timed-Up-and-Go tests in people with multiple sclerosis

Ibtisam Mahameed

Effects of a 12-week combined aerobic and strength program in ambulatory patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: A randomized controlled trial.

Yana Kupchenko

Prefrontal hemodynamics during forward and backward walking, with and without a cognitive task, in people with MS: an fNIRS study

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